Small Size League/Roadmap

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Small Size League/Roadmap

It is extremely important for the league to have long-term goals. That is the purpose of the roadmap. It synthesizes the directions for the league for the next 3 years, and steers the research towards the league’s advancement.

2013-2015 Roadmap

The current roadmap for the league is under creation. The Committees are receiving ideas. Give your opinion!

2008-2011 Roadmap

As presented during RoboCup 2007. It also brings some of the proposals formulated before 2007. Available for download here.

Small Size League Surveys

Results of the surveys prepared by the Committee and addressed to the community. Topics are rule changes, technical challenges and future directions of the League.

2012-2013 Survey

File:Small Size League - Survey 2012 Results.pdf

2011-2012 Survey

File:Small Size League - Survey 2011 Results.pdf