Small Size League/RoboCup 2010/Teams

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Small Size League/RoboCup 2010/Teams

Extended Team Description Paper (ETDP)

This is a list of ETDP submitted by top teams from 2009.

Team Country ETDP
Skuba Thailand ETDP
RoboDragons Japan ETDP

Qualified & Registered Teams

Team Contact TDP Video Status
RoboFEI Angelo Gurzoni Jr TDP Link1 , Link2 Registered
Omid Mojtaba Najafi TDP Link1 Registered
Immortals MohammadReza NikNejad TDP Link1 Registered
Parsian Mani Monajjemi TDP Link1 , Link2 Registered
RoboDragons Tadashi Naruse TDP Link1 Registered
Skuba Piyamate Wasuntapichaikul TDP Link1 Registered
ER-Force Michael Bleier TDP Link1 , Link2 Registered
UBC Thunderbots Amanda Li TDP Link1 , Link2 Registered
Field Rangers Yusuf Pranggonoh TDP Link1 , Link2 Registered
ZJUNlict Yonghai Wu
MRL Maziar Ahmad Sharbafi TDP Link1 Registered
Botnia Dragon Knights Yang Liu TDP Link1 , Link2 Qualified
RoboJackets Alex Cunningham TDP Link1 , Link2 Registered
RFC Cambridge Benjamin Johnson TDP Link1 Registered
CMDragons Stefan Zickler TDP Link1 Registered
KIKS Toko Sugiura TDP Link1 Registered
Eagle Knights-Robobulls Alfredo Weitzenfeld TDP Link1 Registered
KN2C Milad AbaeiRad TDP Link1 , Link2 Conditionally Qualified*
RoboPET Felipe Chies TDP Link1 , Link2 Qualified
BRocks Feyza Varol TDP Link1 , Link2 Registered
Phoenix Sandeep
Khainui Maneekul Srikluan TDP Link1 Qualified
Owaribito-CU Yasunori Nagasaka TDP Link1 , Link2 Registered
ODENS Yasuhiro Masutani TDP Link1 , Link2 Registered
RoboFighties Muhammad Zaman TDP Link1
Fantasia Fuben He
B-Smart Tim Laue TDP Link1 Qualified
Austrian Cubes Helmut Grassberger TDP Link1 , Link2 Qualified
Bacata Julian Mauricio Angel Fernandez
  • Conditionally qualified teams need to show game playing capabilities at the beginning of tournament