Small Size League/RoboCup 2011/Teams

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Small Size League/RoboCup 2011/Teams

ETDPs from 2010 Top Teams

Team Country ETDP
Skuba Thailand ETDP
ER-Force Germany ETDP
RoboDragons Japan ETDP
Immortals Iran ETDP

RoboCup 2011 Small Size League Teams

Team Country Contact TDP Video Status
Immortals Iran Ali Salehi TDP Link Registered
RoboFEI Brazil Daniel Malheiro TDP Link Registered
Skuba Thailand Krit Chaiso TDP Link Registered
UBC Thunderbots Canada Alim Jiwa TDP Link Registered
ER-Force Germany Michael Bleier TDP Link Registered
RoboTurk Turkey Kadir Uyanik TDP Link Confirmed (Conditionally Qualified*)
ZJUNlict China Yonghai Wu TDP Link Registered
KN2C Iran Milad AbaeiRad TDP Link Qualified (must fix antenna)
Omid Iran Mojtaba Najafi TDP Link Withdrawn
MRL Iran Maziar Sharbafi TDP Link Registered
Tigers Mannheim Germany Bernhard Perun TDP Link Registered
STOx’s Colombia Juan Calderon TDP Link Registered
TURG Iran Mehdi Khantan Not Received Not Received Not Qualified
Parsian Iran Saeed Poorjandaghi TDP Link 1, Link 2 Registered
BRocks Turkey Feyza Varol TDP Link Registered
RoboDragons Japan Akeru Ishikawa TDP Link Registered
KIKS Japan Toko Sugiura TDP Link Registered
RoboJackets USA Alex Cunningham TDP Link Registered
Cyrus Iran Javad Amiryan TDP Link Confirmed (must fix antenna)
RFC Cambridge USA Julie Henion TDP Link Registered
Eagle Knights Mexico Marco Morales TDP Link Registered
RoboPET Brazil Cristiano Dalbem Not Received Link Not Qualified (no TDP)
NEUIslanders Turkey Rahib Abiyev Received Not Received Not Qualified (No Video)
CMDragons USA Joydeep Biswas TDP Link Withdrawn
Bochica Colombia Alvaro Miranda TDP Link Registered (Conditionally Qualified*)
ODENS Japan Masutani Yasuhiro TDP Link Registered
fWing207 Japan Joji Kato Not Received Not Received Not Qualified
NUST Falcons Pakistan Arsalan Akhter TDP Link Not Qualified
  • Conditionally qualified teams need to show game playing capabilities at the beginning of the tournament