Small Size League/RoboCup 2013/Mixed Team Tournament

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Small Size League/RoboCup 2013/Mixed Team Tournament

The Mixed Team Tournament is a full match between robots originating from two different SSL teams. This year we will play 8 versus 8 robots (4 robots per sub-team). Each robot must be controlled by its originating SSL team's software. Communication between the teams is allowed, as long as there is no direct control of the robots, e.g., sending waypoints or velocity commands.

The Mixed Team Tournament will be held on a large field, which is double the size of the official SSL field. Four cameras are used to provide vision data. Hence, teams need to adjust their software to process SSL-Vision packets originating from four different camera processing stacks. The data will be sent with correct geometry information for the large field. Nevertheless, since SSL-Vision does not provide any sensor information merging, teams might need to adapt their tracking and data fusion algorithms. In order to allow team to test before RoboCup 2013, log files from the large field demo at RoboCup 2011 are available for downlaod at the SSL-Vision Repository. These logs can be played back with the log client available in the SSL-Vision repository.

Pairings will be randomly drawn. The tournament format will allow teams to play matches as members of different mixed teams. The winner will be determined based on the most won matches. The exact number of matches, pairings, and schedule will be announced by the Organizing Committee after the team confirmation deadline.

Until May 31st, teams interested in participating in the Mixed Team Tournament need to announce their interest to the Organizing Committee. This is necessary for the preparation of the schedules.


Standard SSL rules apply to mixed team games with the following additions:

  • The duration of the match is reduced to:
    • Two equal periods of 5 min
    • Half-time interval of 1 min
  • The size of the field of play is double the official SSL field size. Robot detection data will be provided by SSL-Vision packets originating from four different camera processing stacks.
  • A mixed team is formed from robots of two sub-teams.
  • The maximum robot number is increased to 8 per mixed team. Each sub-team may have only a maximum of 4 players on the field at any time. Each sub-team may additionally provide a goalkeeper for one period. The goal keeper for the second period must not be provided by the same sub-team that provided the goal for the first period.
  • Goals are only valid if robots from both of the two sub-teams forming a mixed team have touched the ball since the last stoppage of play.
  • If a goal is achieved by a robot that received a pass from a robot of the other sub-team from the same mixed team without losing control of the ball, an extra goal is awared. A pass is only counted if the ball is actively kicked. A robot is deemed to have lost control of the ball if there is no contact between some part of the robot and the ball. It is understood that during a pass the ball may bounce of the receiving robot by 5cm before the robot takes control of the ball.

Participating Teams

  • ER-Force
  • Parsian
  • RoboFEI
  • Skuba
  • Tigers Mannheim
  • UBC Thunderbots