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Autonomous Ball Placement

Goal of the Technical Challenge

The intention of this feature is to minimize the time needed to restart the game. This is achieved by placing the ball autonomously by robots ("AutoPlacement").

The Technical Challenge is conducted on Thursday, after the games.


AutoPlacement commands are issued by the AutoRef software. They are forwarded by the Refbox as game states BallPlacementYellow or BallPlacementBlue and include the requested ball position. Before and after those commands the game is in Stop state. AutoPlacement may be requested before any referee decision, e.g. before kickoffs, direct or indirect freekicks, or penalties.

During ball placement the same rules apply as in Stop state. The only exception is that robots of one team are allowed to approach the ball, according to the team that is mentioned in the BallPlacement state.

The ball is considered placed successfully if the following conditions apply:

  1. no more than 15 seconds passed since the placement command
  2. there is no robot within 50cm distance to the ball
  3. the ball is stationary
  4. the ball is at a position within 10cm radius from the requested position

This means that the robot has to move away from the ball once the team considers the ball placed correctly.

In the case of failure, the AutoRef will command the other team to place the ball. The team that receives the ball after the placement remains the same. If both teams fail to place the ball, Stop will be sent and the ball is placed by the human referee.

If a team has not implemented ball placement or fails AutoPlacement the third time in a half game, AutoPlacement is disabled for this team in the AutoRef software. In this case, the other team will receive the AutoPlacement request. If AutoPlacement is disable for both teams, the human ref places the ball at all times.

If the ball left the field surroundings (e.g. after a chip kick) or is not visible, the ball is always placed by the human ref.


The TC reserves the right to change the evaluation procedure.

Every team places the ball in the same situations. The number and kind of situations will be determined by the TC. The command will be issued and the teams have to place the ball in 15 seconds and move away from the ball.

A point will be awarded for every successfully placed ball. The points will be normalized and merged with the 11 vs. 11 Technical challenge.