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AutoRef Challenge

Goal of the Technical Challenge

This document is intended to describe the requirements of AutoRef software. The goal of this software is to help the human referee by automating decisions.

The Technical Challenge is conducted entirely before RoboCup 2016. Extended deadline for the AutoRef version that will be evaluated: March 14th 2016 (old deadline: Feb 28th 2016)

Setup and Requirements

The Autoref receives vision packets and sends its decisions to the traditional SSL Refbox which forwards these referee commands to the actual game. Both programs run on the same computer and communicate via network sockets.

The Refbox listens on Port 10007 for TCP connections communicating in the Refbox remote control format.

The goal is to provide software that:

  • detects as many infringements as possible (Alertness)
  • minimize the number of false decisions (Accuracy)
  • detects as many different infringements as possible (Completeness)
  • subordinates to any decision a human makes on the Refbox
  • is able to send commands for AutoPlacement
  • has the ability to log a game in order to evaluate decisions
  • is able to run on Ubuntu 14.04, with clear build instructions.


Subsequently, the submitted software will be tested. Every team is encouraged to conduct the tests and share their results. Ideally, a video of the tests is provided.

  • A correctly detected rule infringement adds 1 point to the score of this Technical Challenge.
  • Every infringement will be tested multiple times according to the maximum number of points that is stated below.
  • Wrong detection will subtract 2 points. Negative points in single infringements are possible.
  • The total points are the sum of all points. If the sum is negative, the result is treated as 0 points in this Technical Challenge.
  • The points will be normalized by the maximum number of points, which is 50. A team with 38 points will receive a 76% rating for this Technical challenge.
  • Law 3: Number of Players (2)
  • Law 12: Pushing / Substantial Contact (2)
  • Law 12: Multiple Defender (2)
  • Law 12: Attacker in Defense Area (2)
  • Law 12: Icing / Kicking over midline and opponent goal line (2)
  • Law 12: Ball Speed (2)
  • Law 12: Robot Speed during Stop (2)
  • Law 12: Maximum Dribbling Distance (2)
  • Law 12: Touching the opponent goalkeeper (2)
  • Law 12: Double Touch (2)
  • Law 15: Throw-in (2)
  • Law 16: Goal Kick (2)
  • Law 17: Corner Kick (2)
  • Law 13 - 17: Attacker not too close to the opponent's penalty area when ball enters play (2)
  • Law 13 - 17: Keeping the correct distance during opponent's freekicks (2)
  • Correct forwarding of commands to RefBox (10)
  • Correct AutoPlacement commands (10)


So far, the following AutoRef software has been submitted: CMDragons ER-Force Tigers Mannheim