Small Size League/RoboCup 2017/Chip Kick Interception

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Chip-Kick Interception

The goal of this challenge is to detect and intercept chip kicks based on SSL Vision data.


A chip kick is performed from 3 different locations by an opponent robot:

  • From a corner to the center of the field
  • From a corner along the long side of the field
  • From the goal to the center

At each location, 4 kicks of different distances are performed. These distances are 2m, 2.5m, 3m and 3.5m in random order.

A participating team places one robot on the field. The task is to touch the ball before or shortly after it hits the ground for the first time. This shall imitate the defense problem when the opponent plays chip kicks.

A participating team has to publish its software which is responsible for detecting chip kicks and reconstructing the flight trajectory.


Each successfull interception (i.e. the participating robot touches the ball before it hits the ground a second time) gives 3 points. If the ball is kicked instead of simply touched, 1 extra point will be awarded. If the ball is kicked into a goal, 1 further extra point will be awarded. This gives a total number of 60 possible points.