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League Overview

This is the official page of the Junior Leagues (RCJ). On this page you will find a variety of information about Dance, Soccer and Rescue.

We are developing the content on this page in the next month or so. If you have any thoughts, ideas or information that you thing should be here, please get in touch.

2017 Organization

General Chair: Luis José López, llopez@TecnoVanguardia.com

Co-Chairs: Irene Kipnis, irene_k@bezeqint.net

Co-Chairs: Roberto Bonilla, rbonilla@mytech.zone

LOC General Co-Chair: Katsunori Mizuno, mizuno@aitech.ac.jp

LOC General Co-Chair: Tairo Nomura, tairo_nomura@mac.com

  • OnStage (former Dance)
    • Technical Committee
      • Susan Bowler, susan.bowler@education.tas.gov.au
      • Nicky Hughes, n.hughes.rcj@gmail.com
      • Shoko Niwa, chocola@fc4.so-net.ne.jp
      • Sara Iatauro (Chair), siatau@gmail.com
      • Lisbeth Uribe, luribe@theschool.columbia.edu
      • Sondos Omar, sondoselsayed@gmail.com
    • Organising Committee
      • OnStage LOC Chair: Shoko Niwa, chocola@fc4.so-net.ne.jp
      • OnStage LOC Co-Chair:
      • Rui Baptista, ruivcbaptista@hotmail.com
      • Susan Bowler (Chair), susan.bowler@education.tas.gov.au
      • Barbara Walcher, barbara@ebner.de
      • Oscar Uribe, ouribe27@gmail.com
      • Luis Morales, luisgonzalo96@gmail.com

  • Soccer
    • Technical Committee
      • Felipe Nascimento Martins, felipe.n.martins@gmail.com
      • Katsumi Masaoka, k-mac@sea.plala.or.jp
      • Shi (Xiang) Jiaxiang, 39003971@qq.com
      • Nerea de la Riva Iriepa, nereairiepa@gmail.com
      • Javier Delgado, javier_687@outlook.com
      • Marek Suppa (Chair), mareksuppa@gmail.com
    • Organising Committee
      • Soccer LOC Chair: Shinichi Yamano, rcjj.exec.hiroshima@gmail.com
      • Soccer LOC Co-Chair:
      • Hikaru Sugiura, aqua.hika@gmail.com
      • James Riley, eagleriley@gmail.com
      • Nerea de la Riva Iriepa (Chair), nereairiepa@gmail.com
      • Javier Delgado, javier_687@outlook.com
      • Michael Sloan Warren, msloanwarren@gmail.com
      • Marco Dankel, marco.dankel@ovgu.de

  • Rescue
    • Technical Committee
      • Fredrik Lofgren, fredrik@eaproduktion.se
      • Naomi Chikuma, mymama_8888@yahoo.co.jp
      • Kai Hannemann, kai.hannemann@gmail.com
      • Marlo Balderrabano, dabaso@gmail.com
      • Phil Wade, phil@ThreatVectorX.com
      • Jennifer Krieger (Chair), mail@jenniferkrieger.de
    • Organising Committee
      • Rescue LOC Chair: Naomi Chikuma, mymama_8888@yahoo.co.jp
      • Rescue LOC Co-Chair:
      • Fredrik Lofgren (Chair), fredrik@eaproduktion.se
      • Julia Maurer, julia_maurer@mercersburg.edu
      • Kai Hannemann, kai.hannemann@gmail.com
      • Xin Wang, wangxin0913@gmail.com
      • Tommy Chen Nan, tommychen1114@gmail.com
      • Andrique Amorim, andrique@gmail.com

  • CoSpace
    • Technical Committee
      • Shen Jiayao (Chair), jyshen@sp.edu.sg
      • Josie Hughes, jaeh2@cam.ac.uk
      • Lisette Castro, ettesil77@hotmail.com
    • Organising Committee
      • CoSpace LOC Chair: Katsunori Mizuno, mizuno@aitech.ac.jp
      • CoSpace LOC Co-Chair:
      • Han Xinyu (Chair), hanxinyu@sp.edu.sg
      • Lisette Castro, ettesil77@hotmail.com
      • Dominico Ardito, domhardy@virgilio.it
      • Josie Hughes, jaeh2@cam.ac.uk


RoboCupJunior General Rules

Age Regulation (regional level or lower):

RoboCupJunior is targeted for primary and secondary school students. There is no fixed minimum age for national/local level competitions, but primary students are expected to be able to read (and hence write programs for their robots) on their own, without significant help from adult mentors. Students over age 19 are not allowed on RoboCupJunior teams. The division between the primary and secondary age categories is 14 years old. Teams with all student members age 14 and under are considered primary. Teams with any student member over age 14 must be secondary. Declaration day is the 1st of July. It is the mentor/teacher's as well as the National Representative's responsibility to follow the age regulation. Teams violating the regulation could be disqualified during or after RoboCupJunior competitions.

Team Size Regulation:

Since RoboCupJunior embraces teamwork and collaboration among team members, a team should have more than one member to form a RoboCupJunior team to participate in the International event. For 2017, the maximum number of team members is FIVE (5).

A team member(s) and/or robot(s) cannot be shared between teams.

Soccer Rules

Rescue Rules

OnStage (former Dance) Rules

International Championship Regulations:

By 2019, the following numbers will be implemented.

Age requirement – 14-19 year-old

Team member requirement – 2- 4 members

Maximum team # (the total of all leagues) – 150 teams

Minimum age decision has been made for the following year.

2016 (Germany) – 11 year-old (primary and secondary age groups)

2017 (Japan) – 11 year-old (no more primary age group for rescue)

2018 (TBA) – TBA (no more primary age group for soccer)

2019 (Australia) and after – target age of 14 year-old


Every year, RoboCupJunior attracts participating teams from around the world. There are over 35 regions with active RoboCupJunior activities. Those participating regions have established a process to select teams representing their regions at the annual RoboCupJunior competition held in early summer. To find out more about the regions and their contact, visit the RoboCupJunior community website:

RoboCupJunior community

RoboCupJunior 2016 Information

In 2016, there were 207 teams and 807 students participated in RoboCupJunior 2016, Leipzig, Germany. The team and students participation break down by league/sub-league can be found:

RoboCupJunior 2015 Information

In 2015, there were 161 teams and 677 students participated in RoboCupJunior 2015, Hefei, China. The team and students participation break down by league/sub-league can be found:

RoboCupJunior 2014 Information

In 2014, there were 192 teams and 780 students participated in RoboCupJunior 2014, João Pessoa, Brazil. The team and students participation break down by league/sub-league can be found:

RoboCupJunior 2013 Information

In 2013, there were 206 teams and 907 students participated in RoboCupJunior 2013, Eindhoven, the Neterlands. The team and students participation break down by league/sub-league can be found:

RoboCupJunior 2012 Information

In 2012, there were 209 teams and 796 students participated in RoboCupJunior 2012, Mexico City, Mexico. The team and students participation break down by league/sub-league can be found:

RoboCupJunior 2011 Information

In 2011, there were 251 teams and 955 students participated in RoboCupJunior 2011, Istanbul. The team and students participation break down by league/sub-league can be found:

RoboCupJunior International Results

Year Soccer Rescue Dance CoSpace Media
2016 Soccer Results Rescue Results OnStage Results CoSpace Results
2015 Soccer Results Rescue Results Dance Results CoSpace Results
2014 [Soccer Results] [Rescue Results] [Dance Results] [CoSpace Results]
2013 Soccer Results Rescue Results Dance Results CoSpace Results
2012 Soccer Results Rescue Results Dance Results
2011 Soccer Results Rescue Results Dance Results
2010 Soccer Results Rescue Results Dance Results CoSpace Results

Other Information

Trustees representing RoboCupJunior

Amy Eguchi (USA), amy.eguchi@gmail.com (RoboCup Federation Vice President representing RoboCupJunior)

A. Fernando Ribeiro (Portugal), fernando@dei.uminho.pt