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Small Size League/Open Source Software

Besides SSL-Vision and the Referee box, there are other software developed by league members that may be useful to others. This page lists the software provided free of charge, under either the GNU or Creative Commons licenses.

SSL Autonomous Refbox

The league’s next generation referee box, intended to be fully autonomous. It is currently under development, and contributions are welcome. The source code and developmental mailing list are available on GitHub.


grSim is a multi-robot 3D simulator developed by Parsian Robotics Team for simulation of the RoboCup Small Size Soccer League. grSim’s main page is on the Parsian website, and its source code and bug tracker are available on GitHub.


Log recording and playing tools for RoboCup Small Size League games, by Robotics Erlangen e.V.

More Open Source Material from SSL Teams

To help new teams’ development and foster cooperation, the League encourages teams to release material, both software and hardware, as open source. Below are the links to the existing repositories: