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Organizing a RoboCup-related Local Event?

If you want to organize a RoboCup-related local activities, you should send the proposal to the RoboCup Trustees in advance. Here is the procedure:

Procedure to propose an academic and/or educational RoboCup-related event.

When a person or group (Event Organizer, EO) wants to hold a RoboCup-related event, they must follow the following procedure. (*These are the official procedures. Since each nation has its own circumstances, the details can be discussed.)

  1. Proposal
    • In the first step, EO must send an official proposal to the RoboCup Federation (RCF) to april dot robocup at gmail dot com. The proposal should include the following information.
    1. Purpose of the Event
      • What is the purpose of the event? RoboCup will support academic and educational activities not financial ones. Therefore, the purpose of the event should be non-profit, academic oriented one. EO should denote what kind of research and/or educational fields the event focuses on.
    2. Schedule and Venue
      • When and where the event will be held?
    3. Co-located Events
      • The event is held stand-alone? or co-located with other events? In the later case, what kind of events they are?
    4. Relation to RoboCup Federation
      • How the event is related with RCF? More concretely, what kind of supports EO expects to get from RCF and/or to provide to RCF?
      • Here is a list of points
        1. Usage of Name and Logo
          • Does EO want to use the name "RoboCup" for the event?
          • Does EO want to use the RoboCup logo?
        2. Announcement
          • Does EO want to use the facilities of RoboCup (web pages, mailing list, and so on) to announce and distribute information about
        3. Technical Issue
    5. Responsible Person
      • Who is a responsible person (RP) who manages an organization team? Because a RoboCup-related event will be a relatively big event, it requires large man-power and knowledge to organize RoboCup competitions. Therefore RP should be familiar with the RoboCup-related event. Ideally, the person should have experiences to join RoboCup in past. Otherwise, the person should find one or two advisers who have experiences to organize the RoboCup-related event.
  2. Evaluation and Approval
    • The proposal is evaluated by RoboCup trustees. The evaluation is finalized in one month in maximum. When the date of the event is close, the deadline can be shortened.
    • The evaluation will be done from the following viewpoints:
      1. Purpose of the Event
        • Is the purpose of the event following the spirits of RoboCup?
      2. Level of the Event
        • Is the event organized well enough?
        • Do EO and RP have enough knowledge and experience to do this?
        • Do they have enough financial support to do this?
      3. Conflicts to Other Events
        • Are there any similar events in the same region and time?
        • If so, can they both be held?
    • Finally, the trustees decide if the event is approved or not. The trustees can add conditions for full approval if the proposal is not suitable.
  3. Organization of Event
    • After the approval, EO and RP should prepare a web page about the event, using the same structure as in previous years. Additionally, the EO and RP can use the "RoboCup" logo for promotional purposes and event materials. Furthermore, EO and RP must respond when one of trustees has a question about the event.
  4. Report of the Event
    • After the event, EO must make a full report about the results of the event. Also, they must make a summary that can be put on the RoboCup web page.
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